Do, Flex, Test

Dialogues in Design Making

by: Mario Ballesteros Daniel Charney Marcela Armas Gilberto Esparza Something & Son José De la O Atea MAKLab Studio O Portable Lupe Toys GRAS Studio
Editor(s): Regina Pozo
Publisher: Buró–Buró
  • Country: Mexico
    • Year: 2015
    • Pages: 176
    • ISBN: 978-607-96255-3-5

    Do, Flex, Test presents a new perspective on design production processes understood under the "maker" movement perspective. Bridging contemporary production with the work of Italian designer Enzo Mari, this publication presents conversations with artists, architects and designers from Mexico and the United Kingdom looking at differences and opportunities from each context. Do, Flex, Test is a project by curator Regina Pozo.