Aeromoto is a cloud or a sugar cube resting on the top of a bar's mat. It is a public library where people can consult and take books home in two week periods to leaf through at the pace they want.

We firmly believe that a library exists for people to take hold of books and use them and that artist books should be part of this belief too.

Aeromoto is a modest publisher. We make books and editions; we have an obsessive romance with the permanent: that ink and stone that gets our hands dirty.

We look after the books, we take care of them and we know they are a pleasure. That is why we want to share them with others.

Aeromoto is not a bookstore but books may be on sale to help distribute other publisher’s and individual’s work.

Aeromoto is a replicable archive for all ages. You can find magazines, old and new, postcards, audio, multiples, periodicals, posters, books by artists, bookworks, and many more.

Aeromoto is an airquake. 

Reading Lists

01: Movements in a space of 2 x 2