01-Movements in a space of 2 x 2

This selection of books put together by Aeromoto responds to the dilettantish doubt: Can a movement be born out of a space of 2 x 2? Out of this speculation on space (minimal and molecular) and movement (autonomous, multidirectional), we propose a selection of books that introduce the potential reader to a sensible dose of cynical hedonism and solar eroticism that will help them safeguard the vicissitudes of a world that collapses and extinguishes itself before our eyes. What remains of our sensibilities?

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Aeromoto is a cloud or a sugar cube resting on the top of a bar's mat. It is a public library where people can consult and take books home in two week periods to leaf through at the pace they want.

We firmly believe that a library exists for people to take hold of books and use them and that artist books should be part of this belief too.

Aeromoto is a modest publisher. We make books and editions; we have an obsessive romance with the permanent: that ink and stone that gets our hands dirty.

We look after the books, we take care of them and we know they are a pleasure. That is why we want to share them with others.

Aeromoto is not a bookstore but books may be on sale to help distribute other publisher’s and individual’s work.

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Aeromoto is an airquake.