02-The Architect's Disobedience

For centuries, architecture has been considered as a  branch of “fine arts“, however,  this discipline does not solely preoccupy itself with the the experience of all that is “fine“ or “beautiful“, it is also preoccupied with solving practical problems, generating tools, creating habitable spaces for human beings and creating symbols of power within the city. That is why it has been historically subject to external forces which have conditioned it. Politics, neoliberal agendas, social change, among other factors, have limited a path that conditions the result of an architectural work. In this environment, the book becomes the only medium of free expression. Buildings and cities take shape in its pages, finding within the paper a way of existing and constructing itself. At the end of the day, when an architect cannot construct, they can write, photograph, etc. In the same way that an artist utilizes the book as an extension of their work, to document or realize work, the architect also constructs the unconstructable

List by:

Tania Isabel Garduño

Born in Morelia, Tania studied interior architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan. She realized a masters at L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels in Brussels. She currently lives and works in Mexico City, is co-founder of :ndex art book fair and the digital platform :ndex architecture that explores architectural publications.