CC Catálogo is a project that aims to strengthen the access to contemporary art through publications. Both critical thinking as well as critical reflection found in these publications can be mobilized as a way to develop and further creative analysis. Thus, CC Catálogo works as a tool that can effectively tackle contemporary issues of public interest.

The project bases itself on a network of mobile micro-libraries which offer free access to contemporary art publications for their use in situ at specific cultural sites throughout the country. The publications make up specific Reading Lists which work as curated selections by cultural agents that facilitate critical reflection pertaining to contemporary issues, analyzing from a contemporary cultural perspective. Beyond the reading lists, Catálogo also provides expert-guided events. These events focus on furthering community engagement with these publications and reading lists.

Catálogo is also an online platform which aims to offer a comprehensive overview of the current production of publications pertaining to contemporary art. We seek to represent current achievements in the field, therefore, Catálogo invites users to upload publications dedicated to contemporary art, adding to this catalogue anything which the users feel should be included. Catálogo is a project by and for everyone.

CC Catálogo Contemporáneo is supported by the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes.