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Waterfall emphasizes on the instantaneous aesthetic experiences and small pulsations brought on by daily life. By presenting the details of these moments, the magazine reinforces readers’ own sensitivity and appreciation for the beauty of daily routine based on each individual’s own life experience.

Originally, Waterfall is an online collection combines with editorial and curating projects since 2006. Focus on art and culture in daily-life, inviting artists around the world to contribute their works on different topics in varied form. Mainly in photography, but also accomplished with paintings, installations, videos or essays. In 2009, Waterfall has published the first printing copy as a thematic journal. After its first edition, entitled “What’s Your Function in Life?”, it has successively received great attentions and responses. Also the invitations to participate in book fairs around the world such as Offprint Book Fair in Paris and London Art Book Fair, Tokyo Art Book Fair etc.