MaPA01 Maestría en producción artística

by: Andrea Torreblanca Diana Tamez Lua Rivera Figueroa Citlali Gómez Manjarrez Miguel Ángel Madrigal Perla González Fabiola González Martínez Xolocotzin
Coordinator(s): Andrea Torreblanca
Publisher: Independiente
  • Country: Mexico
    • Year: 2015
    • ISBN: s/n

    This publication is the result of a seminar by Andrea Torreblanca to students of the Masters program at the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos (2015). Each participant chose a word, used their personal archive, and borrowed texts and images from other sources to form a new archive. 

    This collection reflects the need and desire to file an intangible exercise of reflection and observing, collecting images, texts and experiences that shape a final piece. Under the coordination of curator Andrea Torreblanca, a group of artists created a series of small books that together form the project Archivist. Each book records that which is not visible in the final presentation of an artwork, that which is an idea, an image, a text, an intention, a search.

    Zaira Espíritu