03-Noise, sound, or music

Contemporary music, sound art, experimental music, modern… to try and categorize or encapsulate a ‘different’ sort of music with a specific genre has and continues to be a futile exercise.The primary objective of elnicho’s reading list has been to try and combine sociological references of music, anthropology and aesthetics alongside books directly related to “new“ music in its various aspects. The auditive discipline take an ever-growing - albeit discreet - relevance, its importance constantly grows in contemporary culture. Music and aural culture have a lot to offer thanks to their references related to architecture, visual arts, painting, and science, to cite only a few examples. We hope that in this list these links will be made which enrichen our worldview. This hope is of particular interest to elnicho through the various mediums of: multidisciplinary projects, concerts, sessions, workshops, and this list, which has now become another aspect of our efforts.

List by:

Eric Namour

Eric Namour is the founder and director of elnicho, an independent organization dedicated to the promotion, appreciation, and dissemination of innovative and daring music in conjunction with other disciplines by way of concerts, presentations, workshops and events. elnicho collaborates with spaces, embassies, institutions and other cultural agents to aid a critical exploration of the relationship between contemporary culture and new & experimental music through a yearly festival and various music sessions throughout the year. He has been an independent programmer for two festival, Aural & Radar, in Mexico and director/founder of the Sottovoce festival in England.  He is also a digital strategists, assessor, and director of technical projects for cultural organizations.