00-Social Imbalance

In culture, the different forms taken on by social imbalance are infinite, and the books that choose to narrate, question, and analyze them, represent in themselves a gesture that seeks to defy an established (dis)order.

Executions of culture such as writing, editing and reading make up different interpretations of the world which can lead to its possible transformation; in other words, they show ruptures within society, but also their possibilities. This first list is a rapid exercise of putting different relationship to work between events, reflections, and intuitions between some of the books that are in the catalogue to date. Among these texts you will find from an anthology of texts from the SITAC symposium dedicated to resistance, in which theorists, artists, critics, and curators propose lectures and anecdotes on the subject, that stem from efforts to counter negative social tendencies, to more playful exercises, albeit not any less serious, that aid in theorizing the dissemination of economic theories with puppetry or an illustrative, political, essay of signposts around the avenue of Reforma within the capitol of Mexico.

Hopefully this limited selection will awaken doubts and add new references to complement those already included in this list.

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Jorge Munguía

Jorge Munguía works as an editor and producer of cultural projects based out of the office Buró-Buró. Among the projects in which he has participates is the educational program of Documenta 11, educational curator of the Tamayo Museum and curator of the exhibition Tlatelolco and the Local Negotiation of Future Images at the New Museum, New York.